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2 April 2024

StorCycle Spectra StorCycle is a storage lifecycle management software designed to address the challenges of handling large volumes of data in an era where data growth is exponential. This software provides a solution for managing data throughout its lifecycle, from creation to deletion, by automating the process of moving data to the most cost-effective storage […]

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22 March 2024
Spectra Stack Tape Library

Spectra Stack Tape Library Designed to Scale and Ideal for Data Preservation In the evolving landscape of data storage and management, the Spectra Stack Tape Library emerges as a standout solution for businesses and organisations of all sizes. This comprehensive guide explores the innovative features, benefits, and applications of the Spectra Stack Tape Library, providing […]

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10 November 2023
Archiving Software

Archiving Software Protecting Long Term Data Read our article on Archiving Software enterprise archiving software for long term digital preservation. At Fortuna we provide a selection of enterprise archiving software specifically designed for long term digital preservation. It provides business with a solution to efficiently archive and manage terabytes to petabytes of unstructured data, whilst […]

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