What is Data Backup?

Data backup refers to the process of backing up files and folders so that they can be restored in case of data loss. Data loss can result from a variety of events, including hardware failures, software corruption, malware infections, accidental deletions, natural disasters, or any other unforeseen incidents.

What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery (DR) refers to the policies, procedures, and actions taken to prepare for and recover from events that cause a significant negative impact on IT systems and data. The primary goal of disaster recovery is to ensure that an organisation can continue to function or quickly resume mission-critical functions following a disaster.

This is a structured and detailed set of instructions aimed to recover systems and networks in the event of a failure or catastrophe. The plan typically includes prioritising business processes, conducting a risk assessment, and defining recovery strategies for different disaster scenarios.

What is Data Archiving?

Data archiving is the process of moving data that is no longer actively used to a separate storage system for long-term retention. Archived data consists of older data that is still important to the organisation and may be needed for future reference, or data that must be retained for regulatory compliance. It's worth noting that while archived data is inactive and accessed infrequently, it must still be accessible when needed.

Data archiving helps organisations improve performance and reduce costs. By moving seldom-used data off primary systems, it speeds up backups and reduces storage expenses. Archived data is often compressed to save space.

What is Immutable Storage?

Immutable storage refers to a storage system or configuration in which data, once written, cannot be modified, or deleted for a predetermined period. This "write once, read many" (WORM) protection ensures that stored data remains in its original state, making it a reliable source of historical information.

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