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During the past 24 years, we have provided data management and storage solutions for UK and global businesses to solve a data storage, server, backup/archive or networking issue. We provide data management solutions, workstations, servers and are also experts in network infrastructure. Today the amount of data generated is rising faster than any time in history, every second more and more data is generated, and this poses an entirely new problem; maintaining control of a new turbulent torrent of data. In any organisation today there are constant demands on the I.T department to protect and deliver data faster, more reliably and above all with 7×24 availability. We face a dilemma, should we continue to purchase point solutions or take a look at new and emerging solutions? Technology is not always simple, and therefore we can be left frustrated and confused. Fortunately Fortuna Data have both the experience and knowledge to design and deliver a solution that performs, scales and is highly reliable, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any server, storage, workstation or networking queries, we will be more than happy to help.

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Data is the lifeblood of any business, ensures at all times you know where it is stored, how it’s managed, if it’s available and accessible ensures a smooth running infrastructure.

At Fortuna Data we provide the four key types of data storage, these are Flash / Disk / Tape and Optical. No matter how small or large your requirement we will provide a complete, seamless storage solution.

Fortuna Data Management Solutions

Looking to build a good foundation for data growth?

Need a technology refresh? We can advise, provide, supply, install and configure a completely new infrastructure including LAN and WAN and systems.

Understanding the issues

Today, data is being created faster than ever and businesses need to manage data more efficiently. Businesses try and alleviate these problems with solutions that solve a particular problem i.e. capacity, speed, reliability. Traditionally this has been a boxed solution from a vendor that provides the desired features and functionality required to solve the problem. When a new application or requirement arises the choice is to add additional features or buy a new solution from scratch. Over time businesses acquire disparate systems which each solve a problem, but also cause data sprawl and increased complexity.

By 2020 we will require 10x the storage purchased in 2013, most of this data is unstructured and it will be created by phones, the Internet of Things, tablets, cars and numerous other digital devices and sensors which provide new applications and functionality.

We provide Data Management solutions that combine hardware and software to deliver the infrastructures businesses are striving to achieve.  Read our article on our Data Storage site about Cloud Archiving.

The need for speed

The 24-hour world we live in today requires instantaneous access for downloading movies, playing games, transacting payments, producing video effects or simply staying in touch via social networking. These requirements put more emphasis on delivering data at breakneck speeds and the drive to provide greater performance and speed is forever increasing. Businesses are constantly juggling budgets in order to procure more storage to save data, trying to determine the requirement i.e. 15k/10k or 7.2k drives, what size, flash storage or hybrid storage, where to store data and how long will it last before we need more storage are all questions being asked. It now seems the answer isn’t always as simple as many have thought previously.