We provide networking solutions covering Ethernet, Fibre Channel and SAS.  As technology advances companies are increasingly putting more demands on their network with faster all-flash storage arrays providing 100,000 IOPS and blistering speed.  Many companies today are considering as a minimum a 10GbE Ethernet backplane to improve storage-server performance and in some cases 10GbE to the desktop.  Also rather than a traditional core switch arrangement they are also choosing a meshed network to aid latency and improve fault tolerance by choosing the least amount of hops.  Many newer servers especially those with the Intel Xeon Scalable Family are now being supplied with 10GbE on-board.  Whilst 10GbE isn’t the fastest Ethernet network, emerging are 25GbE and 100GbE with 1Tbit networks due to arrive within the next 5 years.


Working with our partners we also are able to provide WAN links and WAN optimisation solutions to improve latency, throughput or resiliency.

Storage networks speeds are also on the increase with 32Gb/s Fibre channel now available and 100GbE iSCSI, whilst SAS performance is 12Gb/s.

We have worked with leading companies to provide a complete network infrastructure designed to handle the demands of today and tomorrow whilst also being able to scale as and when required.

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