Object Store StorageCraft OneBlox Scale Out NAS

The StorageCraft OneBlox is a cloud-managed scale-out object storage appliance that can serve as primary storage or a backup system. The StorageCraft OneBlox is available in two configuration all-flash-scale-out appliance OneBlox 5210 or the hard disk based OneBlox 4312 both are object-based provide NFS and SMB network protocols for organisations of all sizes optimised for virtual environments. Now, companies can utilise this affordable cloud-managed solution with leading edge enterprise features, including inline deduplication, compression, remote real-time replication of changed dedupe objects. All of these features are built into the base price.

StorageCraft OneBlox

StorageCraft OneBlox includes a global namespace for data access from multiple servers, as its object-based file system presents itself as a network-attached storage box to applications. The scale-out object-based file system enables non-disruptive capacity and performance expansion with zero configuration. Additionally, its inline deduplication and compression for primary storage and disk-based backup maximises storage utilisation without impacting performance.

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