Quality components from recognised vendors

Over the years we have built computer systems and storage that fits a specific requirement.  Our ethos is to not scrimp on the parts an example of this is back in the early 00’s we made our own CD/DVD duplicators, our choice of writers were Pioneer and even today some of these machines are still being sold on eBay with the original drives!  We provide systems that last an 8 bay NAS should have WD Red drives a 16 bay NAS WD Red Pro drives it’s all in the detail.  Data storage systems are designed to run continuously for 3-5 years so there is no point installing desktop drives in datacentre storage as there is a whole load of information now being stored on a relatively small NAS.

If you’re a large organisation that needs to roll out 1,000 desktops all with the same BIOS, labels, build and software we can provide this service.  If you need a graphics workstation with a high-end graphics card we will source and install it.

If you need to move 1,000’s of mailboxes from Microsoft Office to Office 365 we can help deliver this with no lost mailboxes, attachments or messages.  Alternatively, you need to regularly update stores with pricing, stock and offer information nightly but know some of the stores are on bad WAN links, we provide software to guarantee that the data is optimised and delivered to the store.

If you need WAN links and your current provider can’t provide a decent service at a reasonable price we work with partners who can provide the levels of service you need.

Anyone can sell products at great prices, but what happens if something serious goes wrong?  How do they respond to the call and does the manufacturer get involved early enough?

Quality is not just based on products alone, it’s about delivering a solution with staff that understands your requirement and timescales.

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