Business Class Object Storage the Future

Object storage is a method for storing millions of files and petabytes of data on storage nodes using a global namespace and file system. It is vastly more scalable than traditional file or block storage.  Need additional disk capacity, just add another storage node. All object data is automatically distributed across the nodes, you can create object replicas or shard data (see below) across the nodes to aid recovery and increase performance.

object storage

An object could be any type of file. When it comes to object storage, metadata resides in the objects themselves. There is no need to build databases to associate metadata with the objects. Custom metadata can be created about an object file based on contents, dates, user information, permissions, etc. Attributes can be changed, added or deleted over time. Metadata is highly searchable and allows you to find files far faster than file or block storage. You can conduct searches that return a set of objects that meet specific criteria, such as what percentage of object are of a certain type or created by owner “x”. This allows companies to extract insights from the big data they possess within their data and identify trends.

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