All Flash NetApp SolidFire Scalable Node Storage

The NetApp SolidFire Storage is built for the next-generation datacentre scale-out, all-flash storage that’s highly available and easy to control—all with guaranteed performance.  In the modern datacentre, a constant struggle exists between applications and storage.  Applications are very sensitive and require adequate storage performance and capacity to operate. Any imbalance can negatively impact an application’s ability to perform, causing a ripple effect to the business.

NetApp SolidFire

The NetApp SolidFire provide a scale-out system that are architected to be the most scalable storage system to provide a way to perfectly balance storage performance and capacity. Flash solves many of the performance problems, but due to the significant performance available in an all flash array, most systems will run out of capacity before performance. With a scale-up storage system, the design of storage controller dictates the system performance. Regardless of how much capacity you have left, if you need to add performance, you are stuck buying another controller pair. Getting to an ideal balance of capacity and performance is nearly impossible.

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