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At Fortuna Data we provide IT consultation to companies and organisations large or small.  We get involved with helping to decide on the correct strategy to grow their business from an IT system, storage, infrastructure, software, networks, security and software perspective just to name a few.

How our IT consultation can help your business grow

IT consultancy is an essential expenditure these days, much like accountants.

As a business your core skills might have nothing to do with IT, but fundamentally IT today is the technology driving it forward from running applications to accessing information stored in the cloud. 

Data provides a valuable insight to any business; this can aid in the allocation of resources used to steer the direction of the business needs to undertake in order to grow.

At Fortuna we help you choose the correct type of IT infrastructure for your business, looking into scenarios such as whether you’ll need a composable infrastructure or a SAN. 

Fundamentally there are many choices to make:

Will this technology simply integrate with our existing infrastructure or is it a complete forklift upgrade?

Does your business struggle to contain and store the daily information it generates?

 Do you need a large NAS, Object Store, NVMe flash or a cloud storage system? 

These are all questions, but every Infrastructure is treated as an individual and bespoke entity, we use a 2 ear, 1 mouth methodology when we’re in the discovery period with our customers. By listening intently and asking the right questions we can ensure industry leading advice is offered.

Our IT consultation service is built on over 25 years of experience in helping a variety of organisations achieve their I.T. goals. We have worked with, and work with a magnitude of different customers from small VFX companies through to multi-billion pound construction firms, we’re business agnostic, if you want to transform your IT infrastructure we can help.

Investing in an IT Consultancy

IT is increasingly an important part of any business. With the advent of newer emerging technologies as mentioned above, greater legislation such as GDPR means information needs to be safely stored, protected and backed up.  Our IT consultation can advise on these issues and many more.

Some of the IT consultation solutions we recommend may not even be from industry recognised brands and why should they?

We always offer a variety of solutions; we don’t have any sole partnerships which mean our bias towards a certain brand could affect your ability to get the best value.

Making sure the technology is a proven fit against the remit, provides the performance and value for money the business needs, is our primary focus.

We work with many providers of hardware and software globally so can provide almost any type of solution. Given our strong relationships with these manufacturers built over the years we’ve been in business we can always bring manufacturer specialists on site for additional support when the project is complex.

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We are sure you’ll be impressed with our knowledge and experience across many IT sectors.

After all it’s what our business reputation is based on. 

Smarter, Strategic, Thinking.

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