Fujitsu ETERNUS CS8000 is a unified backup and archive platform for the complete consolidation of data protection infrastructures of open systems and mainframes.

The Business Value of the Fujitsu ETERNUS CS8000

What makes Fujitsu the best deduplication appliance, bar none?

Performance & Scalability

  • Speed up your backup & restore – achieve up to 150TB/hr nearly 3x faster that the market leader!
  • Reduce backup and archive costs – Save over 50%, whilst increasing performance by consolidating tape automation, removing expensive software options and simplify backup complexities
  • Quickly resolve bottlenecks – Improves I/O response by providing scale utilising capacity and performance
  • Infinite scale –22PB on disk for ETERNUS CS8000 before De-Duplication
  • Connect open systems – iSeries, AS/400 or mainframes using a wide choice of connectivity options including 1GbE, 10GbE, FC, FICO
  • Compression – Negates dedupe and doesn’t have the same degraded performance impact.

Operational Efficiency


  • Consolidate workloads – By simplifying the backup and archive estate drives business efficiencies improving backup / restore response times, reduced downtime and greatly improved DR and SLA performance
  • Simplify site-to-site replication – Utilise the ETERNUS CS8000 to perform all your site replications
  • Backup Window Alleviated – The backup window cannot be extended, even though data volumes are increasing the ETERNUS CS8000 alleviates the backup window pressure allowing you time to strategically plan for the future
  • Modular Architecture Enables you to store dedupe and non dedupe data on the same appliance ie no “fork-lift” upgrades are required.

Management & Support

  • Heterogeneous environments – If your business has a heterogeneous mix of backup applications or scripts the ETERNUS CS simplifies backup and archive pool management
  • Cluster support – Cluster your ETERNS CS with full active-active DR feature over 100Km
  • Software support – Supported by the world’s leading software vendors CommVault, VERITAS, Networker, Tivoli, Data Protector … Commvault and Veritas provides hypervisor support for VMWare and Hyper V if required
  • Tape migration – The ETERNUS CS simplifies tape migration by automatically consolidating, consistency checking and copying the data to the latest tape technology
  • Management – Very little management. CS8000 does tape management including migration, testing and repair.
  • Cloud support – Fujitsu ETERNUS CS8000 supports cloud offerings using CommVault / VERITAS

Business Benefits- Reduce Complexity /Reduce Costs

  • Cost savings – Reduce floor space, current maintenance support costs and energy costs by reducing backup sprawl such as backup targets, tape drives, software management platforms, network switches
  • Compelling ROI – By using an ETERNUS CS you will normally see a full ROI within 12 months or less

Fujitsu ETERNUS CS8000

Additional benefits

The ETERNUS CS8000 enables you to store dedupe and non dedupe data on the same appliance. Due to its modular architecture, no “fork-lift” upgrades are required.  A family of ETERNUS CS appliances to suit all applications and budgets.


So firstly, Fujitsu have been making data protection appliances for over 10 years and they make technology perform not just with the ETERNUS CS but across their whole product portfolio. The ETERNUS CS range of backup and archiving appliances solve many of the headaches organisations are looking to resolve by providing class leading data protection solutions to find out more visit for details.

We are proud to be Fujitsu Expert partners understanding and providing many technology solutions. We want to partner with you to provide the best IT technology that is supported and managed by one of the world’s biggest IT manufacturers.