All Flash Fujitsu ETERNUS AF650 S2 with 99.9999% up-time

The Fujitsu ETERNUS AF650 S2 is the ideal choice for application scenarios with demanding data and performance requirements. The system delivers impressive 810,000 IOPS performance with a sub 1ms latency even at full load. Thus it offers a solution that resolves all performance issues in critical applications – such as real-time business analytics or VDI environments – without requiring any complicated tuning. It also fits best as general purpose storage for all Tier-1 applications in small and mid-sized companies.

Fujitsu ETERNUS AF650 S2

The Fujitsu ETERNUS AF650 S2 provides excellent hardware redundancy along with dual hot-plug PSUs (850W), the Fujitsu ETERNUS AF650 S2 comes with dual controllers functioning in active/active mode. Data ports provide two expansion slots which now support dual-port 32Gbps FC modules, as well as 8/16Gbps FC and 10GbE copper or SFP+ iSCSI options.

The new all-flash Fujitsu ETERNUS AF650 S2 comes with newer and faster CPUs, larger caches, 32Gb Fibre Channel technology, and new algorithms for utilising multicore, multithreaded processors. Fujitsu is offering two models, AF650 S2 and AF250 S2, aimed at mid-range and SMB markets respectively. Both models have been built to maximise their all-flash storage for performance as well as the ability to consolidate storage systems with 30% more performance headroom. The Fujitsu ETERNUS AF650 S2 has a raw capacity near 3PB per system with a cost/performance ratio of £0.20/SPC-1 IOPS in the latest SPC benchmark results, published on January 19, 2018.

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