Secure Endpoint Protection More Than Just Backup

Secure Endpoint Protection software falls into one of two basic categories; file or block based. We are looking at protecting business data, not family photos.  If you want to secure an endpoint device, it has to be a simple process to install and manage what could be 1,000’s of devices. We provide a complete data protection and security suite which significantly decreases cost and increases efficiency of managing end point data and security.

endpoint protection

With an extremely user friendly interface and centralised dashboard management console, makes it extremely easy to use and administer.  Alternatively, if you want to backup everything on an endpoint device regardless of content then you should be looking at backup software and not endpoint protection.  With GDPR they might want to know what your storing and how.

The endpoint protection software we provide does not create an image, they are plenty of tools to do this and our aim is purely protecting business data.


Files stored on laptops and desktops that are lost or corrupted often cannot be recovered. Causing wasted time, lost data and interruptions in productivity as well as financial and reputational damage.


Storage & bandwidth becomes costly due to ineffective use of storage infrastructure, lack of data compression and data deduplication, and users storing personal data such as music and movies on the server.


Data on lost or stolen computers are vulnerable to unauthorised access. Sensitive business data is not effectively protected against data theft and security


Companies are required by law to protect and archive their information as well as prevent unauthorised access to company information but have no way of
effectively doing so.

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