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On a daily basis new information technology solutions are announced; data storage, servers, software, security or networks.  We help businesses navigate through the hype to review infrastructures, identify potential issues, protect critical data through it’s complete life-cycle.  We are also able to advise, design and implement class leading solutions using cutting edge vendor technology.

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New IT Refresh

We can assist in providing a complete datacentre refresh including; design (racking, cabling), specifying new equipment, supplying, installing and configuration for your new 21st century datacentre.  We worked with a leading UK construction company to provide a complete datacentre refresh using 20 42U racks.  Planning took 2 years and we installed and configured everything below in 1 month, including all the network configuration and routing.  The design we proposed had no single points of failure and all systems had multiple paths to data and information.

  • 5x Fujitsu ETERNUS SAN storage arrays
  • Brocade Fibre Channel and Ethernet networks across 3 floors
  • 32x Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers

The work involved many discussions with key vendors, including technical visits, training and technical assessments.  This was the first time in 15 years that they had not bought HP equipment!  To this day the IT manager states “It’s the most reliable equipment we have ever used”.  This is a testament to us providing the right solution the first time.

Extended Life of IT Equipment

Many businesses today refresh servers and storage every 3-5 years, even though this equipment is perfectly functional it doesn’t provide the performance required by the latest applications.  To extend the life of older IT storage solutions, why not connect it up to a software defined storage solution that accelerates all the read whilst delivering up to 10x the performance of the existing storage and at a fraction of the price of a new data storage solution.


Consolidation of Storage

Data today is the lifeblood of any business.  It could be a new product design or the latest website showcasing new products or services.  A business will acquire the relevant IT equipment to run these applications and typically involves a new storage solution whereby all software is loaded and shared.  As time passes we end up with pools of storage that are difficult to manage due to disparity between the different vendors ways of managing things.  We provide a complete range of solutions that could manage all of these disparate storage pools from a single GUI.  Alternatively, you might want to move 100TB’s of data to a new storage platform, but the older storage doesn’t directly connect and it could take weeks to move the data across the network.


We provide a complete consultancy service to ensure your projects and time scales are met and on budget.  If you are looking for a complete network refresh or require a virtualised infrastructure we can assist with recommendations, design, supply and installation.  We have extensive experience on moving data from Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 or migrating data from on-premise to the cloud.


If you are looking for a hybrid cloud solution to run multiple VM’s we can assist with the design, sourcing and implementation with the minimum of fuss to provide you with a completely scalable solution, that integrates with your LAN and WAN.

Data Storage

Are you investigating options for moving away from traditional SAN, NAS, RAID systems and are looking at Object Storage, Software Defined Storage, Flash Arrays or Cloud, we have an extensive portfolio of solutions that can help you make the right choice for the future.

Technical Assessment

Have you made an investment in networking, data storage, software or has something broken which causes performance issues or bottlenecks and isn’t performing as expected?  We provide a complete range of technical assessments to determine the root cause of the problem, making recommendations to ensure your IT equipment is running as expected.

Backup Health Check

Having a reliable backup solution in place protects your business from data loss, ransomware, disaster recovery and continuous data availability.  Many of today’s backup software packages are highly complex and contain features/functionality that a business may or may not require.

IT Renewals

Do you need to continue to maintain hardware and software for another few years until budget becomes available?  Then we can help in providing you a competitive quote that provides the service and support level you require albeit at a reduced rate.

Cloud Services

We provide a range of cloud services to help your business migrate to the cloud.  We understand that the requirements of organisations migrating to the Cloud vary greatly, and so we offer singular solutions tailored to each customer. We help you to work out which services and solutions should be left in-house, which should be migrated to the Cloud – and we make it all work together with a solution designed specifically for your business needs and goals.

Cloud Backup

We provide a complete cloud BaaS (Backup as a Service) to protect all the following platforms and applications:

  1. Windows, Linux, Apple, all hypervisors
  2. Storage, Servers (physical/virtual), Workstations, Desktops, Notebooks
  3. All software applications including Exchange, SQL, Oracle, MongoDB etc.
  4. Backup locally then replicate to the cloud or just backup locally


Cloud Migration

Are you intending to migrate data from existing storage silos to the cloud but much of this data is unstructured?  We can provide a complete service to migrate your data from on-premise to the cloud and help you completely identify the types of data you are storing for compliance, business or legal purposes.

Get the full value of your corporate information by transforming it into a rich source of business intelligence.


Are you migrating from a datacentre to the cloud but are unsure what type of cloud to choose?  We can help in your choice that could initially be private and then latterly hybrid or public.  For us it is about getting the right balance of service, security and pricing.

Software as a Service

Similar to our Cloud Backup as a Service, this time we are protecting Endpoint devices mainly notebooks that need complete data protection.  We provide complete protection functionality for all below:

  • Backup to on-premise, Private Cloud, Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Full device discovery and inventory
  • Backup/Restore – Single instance, deduplication, encryption
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Data migration
  • Compliance
  • Easy Data Management

Backup and secure business data and exclude personal information using a simple and secure GUI.  The Endpoint Protection Software allows you to remotely locate or wipe business data if the device is lost or stolen.


If you are interested in a managed backup service, we provide a complete service to protect your organisations data by reducing the time it takes to backup and recover critical information, apps and servers.  The software is easy to deploy and manage, ensuring secure data protection, reduced application downtime, and improved productivity. Flexible recovery provides data restoration to dissimilar hardware or virtual environments. Reliable recovery ensures dependable recovery of entire systems from backup images including OS, applications, settings, and data. The solution provides instant boot recovery for virtual machines within milliseconds.


If you are looking at an enterprise backup solution to provide point in time rollback we can assist in putting together an on-premise, cloud backup solution to protect data residing on VM’s, physical, desktops and storage arrays.

SECAAS Security as a Service

Do you require a UTM (Unified Threat Management) solution that is either a physical appliance or virtual application to secure your business from outside attacks, malware, intrusion protection, content filtering and more?

We provide an extensive range of solutions to ensure that your business is fully protected 24×7 for all your physical and virtual devices residing on your LAN or WAN.  With extensive threat reporting and analysis it enables you to pinpoint the cause and take immediate action to prevent further intrusion.

If you are interested in a completely managed service, please call us.

  • Turn-key solution delivered to your door
  • Configuration and security analysis by certified engineers
  • Anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention, content filtering, application control, VPN and more
  • Weekly security reports and firewall backup
  • Proactive monitoring and alerting
  • Software, hardware and security signature updates
  • Appliance upgrades as future business and technology changes dictate


Security Health Check

Do you require a full security health check on your IT infrastructure for compliance, legal or audit purposes?

We provide a comprehensive set of tests that analyses your IT network and systems for potential or future problems.  It also provides you with a full report of our findings enabling you to diagnose and rectify any problems.

If you would like to know more about the systems and services we provide please complete the form below or call us on +44 (01256) 331614.