The use of converged systems in business

In the majority of businesses there are many IT platforms that provides block / file storage, network connectivity, backup software, archive policies and tape technologies. Over time the IT department buy technology on an ad-hoc basis to solve a particular problem. This approach makes managing the systems a more difficult and tenuous process, managing different storage platforms from a variety of vendors is a challenge for any IT department. New and on-going training is also a key consideration and costly expense when looking at the bigger picture.  Another huge headache for IT departments is the support, maintenance and on-going licensing costs to either maintain existing equipment or purchase additional storage or functionality.


In any business there will come a time to rationalise the IT estate and trying to decide what to keep, scrap or re-use, whilst trying to decide what the business wants next is a constant struggle. When considering new IT systems; what issues do they solve? What savings can be made? And how does the business benefit? All of these questions must be answered, and thus catered for, making a difficult task even more difficult.

Converged Systems

The answer to all of the current IT issues is to start to deploy converged systems.  These converged systems provide multi-functionality from a single vendor(s).  They greatly reduce installation times, management, licensing and above all drive down IT costs.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a limited number of storage platforms to manage that provided us with:

  • The block and file level storage we need.
  • Delivered all the features and functionality we desired.
  • Performed when required.
  • Was simply licensed.
  • Easy to manage.
  • Priced competitively.

A network that could scale from a small business through to a multi-national company that supports Ethernet, PoE, Fibre Channel and FCoE.  An advanced backup solution that isn’t just about backup, that can protect your whole business including Cloud, Notebooks, VM’s, physical / virtual machines and handle all of the snapshots of your storage systems and replication.

The challenge is finding these products, making sure that they provide everything the business needs and then piece by piece start building the systems.


What are you waiting for?

Stop wasting time looking for converged systems, we have already done all of the hard work. We can provide you with exactly what you see above as we have done with some of our existing customers.  Call us on +44 (01256) 331614 or email for more details.


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