Increase Profitability by Improving efficiency, accountability and Auditability

Fortuna Data provides business intelligence software tools to enable you to better understand and profit from the information you are storing and generating.  We deploy a unique application that searches emails, data, contacts, companies, projects and voice calls using keyword and key-phrase searches.  By using artificial intelligence, we enable your business to collate information content and discover trends that might not otherwise be noticed.

Analyse – Discover – ActBusiness Intelligence Software

The business intelligence software operates invisibly in the background monitoring and gathering information thereby allowing you to perform deep dive searches within your business. It provides you with the ability to spot emerging trends both at macro and detailed levels and in so doing provides you with a powerful business optimization tool.


Information is the lifeblood of any business, it determines how we plan, act and analyse data in order to move forward. How wisely we use it is also a determinant of a company’s profitability. However, times are changing and information today is not confined to a file server.  It resides in such diverse locations as notebooks, servers, desktops, SAN/NAS/Cloud storage, email and voice calls.

In today’s business environment it is a given that information is growing at an unprecedented rate and with the increasing presence of the Internet of Things this trend will continue. However businesses are not keeping pace and do not have the ability to manage and optimise this exponential growth. That is, until now.

Legal firm – Legal cases generate vast amounts of information and can take 1,000s of hours to collate and search. Imagine how much easier it would be to use a business intelligence application.

Construction company – A construction company is involved in many design projects, this involves numerous contracts, architects, design engineers and many other legal and building professionals in order to construct a building.  This results in a considerable amount of information generated,  business intelligence software would be able to link all the relevant information together relating to the ultimate construction and management of the building.

Business trends – For instance, a pharmaceutical company holds many patents on its drugs and business intelligence software could spot peaks and troughs across an assortment of drugs that are being administered.

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