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IT in Education

IT is becoming a massive part of education, as the world becomes more digitalised, students will need greater aptitude for using and understanding technology, this benefits teachers as well as students.

IT managers in education choose Fujitsu products for Quality, Performance and Reliability

Education is benefitting from touch input, tablets in the classroom, information being displayed digitally online learning environments that students can access from anywhere.

Teachers enjoy the convenience of students turning in their schoolwork online and the class’ work being available from one location.

Fujitsu provides ultra low power consumption notebooks, desktops and workstations ensuring energy costs are kept to a minimum.  In addition to this the machines run extremely quietly, no problems for use in classrooms or large scale deployment in IT rooms.

If you are considering VDI to prolong or replace existing IT equipment, Fujitsu has a solution. Organisations are adopting thin clients to reduce costs, save energy, increase security and improve student experience against traditional fat client PCs.

Fujitsu are committed to delivering innovative ICT technologies to improve learning ability.  See below how Fujitsu is helping educational establishments deliver a better experience for students.

Some case studies

Free Storage Assessment

The benefits of a storage assessment for you:

  • You will understand how to improve performance, storage availability and the service from your storage infrastructure.
  • This will help you identify exposed areas in terms of compliance and regulations (Legal hold etc).
  • You can identify how to reduce any un-needed costs by optimising the infrastructure such as data being held on higher tiered storage.
  • You can prepare for the cloud – a small, medium or complete business move.
  • It will help you see potential storage bottlenecks which could result in poor system performance.
  • Suggest a migration/upgrade option from the current solution to a new solution if necessary to prevent a complete infrastructure fall over.

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